Friday, April 30, 2010


1.Nowadays, houses are very good investment. If you are buying a house now, for the next 10 to 20 years, your house's price will increase double of a price whe you bought it. should all try to have at least one house for your,furniture,your clothes and etc all have downgraded value once you buy and use it.
3.Houses, lands, gold jewellery are valuable things. You could have a profit if you bought these things.

Monday, April 19, 2010

River Cruise

It is very good oppurtunity to experience a river cruise at Taman Tamadun Islam along Terengganu river. Scenery of kampung of nelayan, a boat making industry in Pulau Duyong and glittering crystal mosque from side of the river.
It is a good investment and development from state government to build a such wonderful an edutainment park for a new attraction of tourism in terengganu. Maintenance and to add a few of activities in Taman Tamadun Islam should be done to make it more fum and informative park for tourist.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

head and neck cancer week

1.On 17 of April 2010. Programme of Awareness Campaign for Head and Neck Cancer was held at East Coast Mall Kuantan which was organized by ENT department of HTAA with colaboration IIUM, MSO HNS and MMA. The objctive of this programme is to do a screening of head and neck cancer among public as well as to educate about the risk and prevention of a cancer.
2.The programme successfuly done with a lot of public take part in the programme icluding screening free medical check up for head and neck cancer and public talk about a cancer and qui smoking. The public which come from area of Kuantan and border of kemaman in Terengganu there were all took an oppurtunity during weekend holiday to join the programe.
3.Hopefuly, with such a good campaign done, we can help people in giving an information and screening for the head and neck cancer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

second wave H1N1

1.H1N1 takes 2 death yesterday to become total death of 80 cases in Malaysia. For those who is in high risk group should take precaution and aware of the second wave of H1N1 infection.
2.Vaccination of H1N1 which was distributed by government end of last year could not provide protection to all of people, but for the high risk group people such as people who has suffered chronic diseases, elderly, babies and pregnant women are advisable to get a vaccination.
3.Try to aware of warning sign of H1N1 as well as a symptoms of influenza like illness. Go to seek immediate or early treatment if you are having the symptoms.
4.With our awareness and cooperation, we pray to God to save us from this deadly infection again..