Thursday, February 25, 2010


1.Pada 26/02/2010 ini adalah cuti umum sempena dengan ulangtahun kelahiran nabi muhammad s.w.t.Walaupun terdapat khilaf di kalangan ulama-ulama muktabar mengenai tarikh sebenar kelahiran nabi Muhammad s.w.t yang ada mengatakan iainya pada 7, 9 atau 12 rabiulawwal.
2.Tarikh sebenar kelahiran Nabi bukanlah menjadi satu persoalan besar untuk umat islam. Lebih-lebih lagi, Nabi tidak pernah mengajar umatnya untuk menyambut kelahiran baginda. Hanya selepas zaman wafatnya Nabi, barulah timbulnya sambutan memperingati kelahiran nabi.
3.Sambutan maulidurrasul ini hanyalah perkara baru yang dibuat oleh umat islam. Jadi, seharusnya kita jangan terlalu taksub dengan sambutan ini. Saya tidak menolak dengan sambutan yang diadakan, tetapi jangan sesekali menjadikan sambutan maulidurrasul ini sesuatu yang wajib didalam islam.
4.Sebaiknya, sambutan maulidurrasul ini perlu dipenuhi dengan ceramah-ceramah agama, berusaha mengamalkan sunnah rasul dan berpegang dengan agama islam yang dibawa oleh nabi Muhammad sepenuh jiwa raga dan menjadikan islam ini cara hidup kita seharian.
5.Salam maulidurrasul kepada semua..Mari kita semua berusaha menjadikan nabi muhammad sebagai 'role model' kita sepanjang hayat supaya hiup kita diberkati dan dirahmati Allah.

Friday, February 19, 2010


1. Australia is the only one of country leaded-by white man in Asia. This country was founded by a white man from British hundreds years ago. Australia inhibited by Aborigins then slowly settled down by white man.

2.I have never been to Australia, but from what i have heard from my friends and families, it is a beautiful island in developed country.

3.Lately, Australian MPs commented regarding Anwar's sodomy trial. They tried to persuade Malaysia government to withdraw and revise a charge to this Opposition Leader of Malaysia. Like Tun Mahathir said in his blog, the action from this Australian MPs suspiciously have something behind it.

4.The government have to stand firm on their own principle and should not be influenced by others. But this does not mean we have to reject them totally, any ideas that will bring a benefit to our country in term of economy, politic or development should be considered.

5. A two way relationship between our country should be maintained for benefit both countries.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


1. Few weeks ago, a shocking incident happen in Kelantan whereby a newborn baby was dumped and burned in a rubbish bin. We cannnot imagine how the person can kill a newborn. Even an animal loves their baby, but how can a man with a heart and given the ability to think able to do that..
2.The birth of a baby in the family not only bring happiness but also can strenghen a marriage. Normally, the whole family would be joyous with the presence of newborn baby but only a group of people who are heartless are able to do this kind of act.
3.Prophet Muhammad also likes and encourages his ummah to have many children in their family.
4.Hopefully, a holistic approach that emphasise both preventive and legal aspect can abolish this heinous and heartless act in the future. People, NGOs and government must work together

Thursday, February 11, 2010

some of myths in traditional medicine

1. In Malay society, there are still a lot of 'petua' that was brought from generation to generation. Most of 'petua' are about health and traditional medication. Although sciences and technologies are now progressively grow in our lifestyle, but there are some of us, still believe and practise in 'petua'.

2. In a medicine field, there are a lot of petua taught by old folks to youngster especially in Malay culture. Some of 'petua' is good but if it use and practise without surveilance it can cause dangerous to our health.

3. I am not againsts the practise of 'petua' or traditional medicine but we have to know it is that ingredient in herbal medicine or contain of mixture in traditional medication are truly safe to use or not.

4. Petua or traditional medicine widely use in such as a mother post delivery of childbirth. They need to follow 'pantang' for 40 days and drink and eat only so called 'heat-energy meals'. They also have to drink water boiled with herbal leaves to get better treatment. Then a new mother also have to go through massages to fix back enlarge womb after nine months of pregnancy.

5. I have an experience went through traditional treatment for 'resdung' or medically named as allergic rhinitis. Some bomoh use cockroaches in treatment of this disease. When we think back, it is so weird that dirty insect like cockroaches can cure this problem. A bomoh use cockroaches cleansing and pasting onto skin of face of a patient. After a few minutes, bomoh will take small worm from the face of patient which is believed come out from patient's face. It is clearly enough for someone who think carefully that a it is worm from stomach of cockroach after a bomoh pinched a cockroach onto a face.

6. At last but not least, do not simply follow and practise traditional medicine taught by our old generation. We can use petua and traditional medication if it is safe medicaly and halal in islam.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Power of Sex Scandal

1. Last few months ago, a famous golf player had been strucked with sex scandal that cause him a lot of trouble. Then last week, suddenly again sex scandal revealed. This time involved John Terry, captain of England international football squad had been accused to have sex relationship with his girlfriend's teammate.
2. In Malaysia, sex scandal also being a hot topic in mass media. Opposition leader currently hearing in court regarding prosecution of having unnatural sex with his ex-worker.
3. Sex scandal can ruin someone who has a power. By only within a second, a famous person can be downed forever because of sex scandal.
4. For those who have strong believe in his religion, i think this sex scandal can be avoided. We must have strong heart to against this issue.
5. We always prayed to God, to ensure our life still in straight and accurate pathway till day thereafter..

Monday, February 8, 2010

perhiasan isteri untuk suaminya..

Mungkin terasa sedikit kekok bila saya mengutarakan berkenaan topik seperti ini. Namun saya ingin berkongsi pendapat saya mengenai perkara ini.
Tidak dinafikan, peredaran zaman dan kemajuan yang dikecapi oleh masyarakat kita sekarang menyebabkan ramai wanita-wanita yang bergelar isteri mempunyai kerjaya masing-masing. Maka, tugas sebagai seorang isteri dan seorang yang bekerjaya semakin beratlah tanggungjawab yang dipikul mereka. Saya kagum dengan keazaman dan kegigihan mereka bekerja untuk membantu suami disamping tidak melupakan tugas menjaga urusan rumahtangga.
Keluar bekerja samada ke pejabat, sekolah, hospital atau dimana-mana sahaja menyebabkan wanita yang bergelar isteri perlu bertemu dengan berbagai-bagai orang awam. Penampilan seseorang pekerja pula memainkan peranan dalam sesuatu kerjaya. Namun perlu diberi perhatian, adakah penampilan diri seperti solekan, wangi-wangian dan perhiasan yang dipakai berlebih-lebihan untuk ke tempat kerja dibolehkan didalam islam.
Pendapat saya, perhiasan isteri hanyalah untuk suaminya sahaja. Akan tetapi penampilan yang kemas dan baik untuk ketempat kerja juga perlu dijaga untuk menjaga maruah dan nama baik diri dan suami. Jangan pula berlebih-lebih berhias untuk ketempat kerja padahal penampilan diri dirumah untuk suami tidak dijaga.
Untuk mendapat penjelasan dan hukum perhiasan ini, mari kita sama-sama merujuk kepada yang lebih arif mengenai hukum hukum islam. wallahuallam..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

World Cancer Day

1.Today is the the day where it is declared as World Cancer Day since 2006. Historically, the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) initiated the world cancer campaign in the response to the Charter of Paris.
2.Since 2006, the World Cancer Day on 4th February organized campaign emphasizes that 43% of cancers can be prevented through health life style and behaviour includes provide smoke-fee environment for children, to be physically active and eat healthy diet and avoid obesity, learn about vaccines and avoid over exposure to sun.
3.For this 2010, World Cancer Day will focus on learning about vaccines against viruses that cause cancers such as HBV vaccines for hepatitis and newest vaccines for human papilloma virus that give risk for cervical cancer.
4.In Malaysia, awareness among people about this World Cancer Day is limited. There is only few highlighted about this in mass media such as television and newspapers.
5.Hopefully, people who is directly involved in Ministry of Health like doctors, nurses, paramedics take an action to be more proactive to create awareness to public in prevention of cancer. Such an example like to educate public that cancer can be prevented by healthy lifestyle and vaccination. Although cancer is hereditary, but the prevention is not only for those who are at high risk to get cancer, it is also for all people.
6.Cervical cancer is second most cancer affected women in malaysia, but awareness for screening of pap smear still not achieve the target by MOH. Women should not take granted about screening of pap smear. The newest one is vaccination for HPV which is a virus that contribute for developing cervical cancer in woman for female teenager still not widely use.
7.Let us take a step together in a campaign to prevent of cancers.